Welcome to the Slapaho tribe. An ancient race of indigenous star-farers with a liking for sandwiches.

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We try to have fun playing star-Made on the Red Shift network servers. Please vote every day on the starmade server list(scroll a bit to get the link out under the social crap to the right) with your starmade user name (Not steam) and get your in-game items (Command !reward items). You an take money but that is quite useless and blocks are always handy.


We have a current home located in the Gamma system at these coordinates: -44,26,9 but we are in the process of moving to a distant galaxy. We are doing that because we want to be safe: no idiots blowing our stuff up because they happen to find us. We also have an entire galaxy for us to plunder without hinder.
Quiran has been setting up jumpgates and once everything works out we will relocate. Remember that you will be scrapping your ship or abandon them because they cannot make the jump to the new system. Ships have to be saved and rebuild on the other side.
Right now we are looking into the galaxy above, to the left and to the front of the galaxy where spawn is located. We did this because it is not connected by black holes and has an easy to remember coordinate system namely 2000,2000,2000, all positive. In order to get there we have a system of jump gates in place at 500,500,500. 1000,1000,1000 and 1500,1500,1500. Thanks to Quiran.


In order to have some standards in our fleet I want to propose the following ship sizes. If we keep to those sizes, we will have standard docking bays and we can set out with a more or less unified fleet. We can also do some test fights and see who makes a better ship. I propose the following:

To quickly get to and from, max length 40 meters(blocks), max width and height 30 meters.
Small, fast and lightly armed, max length 75 meters, max width and height 49 meters.
The workhorse of the fleet. max length 150 meters, max width and height 99 meters.
Armed to the teeth and a force to be reckoned with, max length 300 meters, max width and height 199 meters.
Flying fortresses, holds Frigates for turrets, max length 600 meters (server limit), max width and height 399 meters.

* Note that I do not want to hinder your building fantasies in any want but please recognise that it will be awesome when we come in flying with say 6 roughly the same sized battleships or frigates. And that if you build a very oddly shaped vessel or say 151 meters long Frigate, it will not fit in the standard docks and you will have to “steal” a dock meant for a larger shaped vessel where it will look odd and out of place.


Where we will settle, we will have a hub of up to 8 space stations nearby. Each station can be build by a player who wants one. The Bases can defend each other and will contain ship docks for ships of any size, a few titans and battleships, more for Frigates and cruisers. Each base owner can stash their own ships or player can visit other bases.
Be mindful that starbases cannot be longer, wider or higher than 1000 meters and should not extend in another sector.
Let me know if you are interested in building a starbase yourself, you are always welcome to dock you ships on any other base of course.


All resources are shared between all players in the faction. If you harvest ores and shards, have them processed in a central capsule refinery. We have build one that processes hundreds of capsules per tick so unless you need a small amount quickly, just dump them in the assigned storage. After they have been processed, they wil be deposited in another chest. You can take from this chest anything you want but only take as much as you need.
Other chests will hold blocks for shipbuilding, lights, base building and other materials. Again, take what you need and if something runs low, please whip up another batch of a few thousand, take what you need and re-supply the storage with the leftovers so that others do not have to make what they need and we always have a steady supply.


We have central factories that produce 1000 items per tick, use them to quickly resupply stuff like shields, weapons and power modules. If you need smaller numbers, just add the right amount of resources. Be aware that the server is a bit laggy and it can look like your resources are gobbled up. You can wait a bit (do not leave large amount of resources in it or you will get 1000 items every tick). Or another good way is to re-arrange your resources. Usually the server updates the factory and you will have your end-product.

We also have some linked up armour factories that can quickly produce large amount of advanced armour in any colour. availability is dependent on resources we have and the amount of linked factories. For now we have three, one for grey and two for any other colour. Since they are resource hungry monsters, we will make a system that they will only produce what we really need. Talk to me in game if you need larger amounts of adv. armour.


We have (had actually) two harvesters that can quickly eat asteroids whole. There is no need to make a small craft with a few salvage beams, when available you can hop in and take a harvester for a spin when you need some resources quickly. Please keep them clear of pirates and stars as they are lightly defended and shielded.
We would also like people to pull a bit of weight for the faction and spend some time harvesting asteroids for the group when you feel you used enough materials for free. Everyone is free to do whatever he wants but it is highly appreciated to keep us stocked fully.
When harvesting, the best way is to find a asteroid rich field in one of our controlled systems. To find one quickly, press P and turn off factions when you are in a faction controlled system. Then turn of orbital sectors and move the “cursor” with WASD/QE to a yellow sector (a sector in an asteroid belt). When you are a nearby sector with asteroids select the button “plot course to this sector” and take the ship there, usually one jump is enough. Take out all the asteroids and follow the orbit of the asteroid belt to stay in mineral rich zones.

We have more need for some asteroids then others. In order of importance find the following asteroids:

  • Green/yellow asteroids with black ores/shards – contains Nacht en Nocx, we always need this for everything.
  • Orange asteroids with white ores and shards (they look like red asteroids with red ores which are less wanted) – We need the parsen Parstun capsules for almost everything.
  • Dark blue asteroids (Larimar) – They are rather rare so whenever you see them, take a detour and melt them whole
  • Ice crystal asteroids – We need the Dolom for white paint.
  • Dark asteroids with spots of lava – we need the tekt for black paint
  • If you need armour in any colour, harvest some asteroids in your colour, yellow, purple, green, etc.

I will soon make a message board or a comment system. See you in game star-farers!

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We try to have fun playing star-Made on the Red Shift network servers. Please vote every day on the starmade server list with your starmade user name (Not steam) and get your in-game items (Command !reward items). You an take money but that is quite useless and blocks are always handy.